Privacy Policy

For Listeners

We here at SmartFling don't capture any personal data from you at all. In fact, the only data we collect is to count the fact that someone (we don't know who) listened to a particular show. The people who own those shows like to see the numbers. But they'll never know it was you, and they'll never be able to make contact with you through us. Now, if you give them some of your private information separately, that's on you.

For Producers (Content Creators)

We here at SmartFling will never sell or in any other way make available any of the non-public data you provide us.

We use cookies to make sure that, once you have logged in, you have access to your content, and only your content.


We're not responsible. And by that I mean we're not responsible adults. Seriously. No right-thinking human being believes we are.

On a more serious note, procurement of permission for the transmission of copyrighted material is the responsibility of the producer(s) of each show. We are merely the carrier. That said, please feel free to make contact with us at any time with concerns, comments, or suggestions.

It should go without saying that this is also true for take-down notices. If you can prove that you are the legal owner of the copyright to something in our system which you did not upload, we will happily comply with your wishes concerning the disposition of said material. Again, here is a link to our contact form.

Important Notice for Producers (Content Creators)

While we will create your Alexa Flash Briefing within 24 hours of your sign-up, every skill must be certified by Amazon's Alexa Skills Team. That can take a week or more. We have no control over that, but once it's been done, we will notify you that your Alexa Flash Briefing is live.